Welcome to Oracle Business Conferences

Oracle Business Conferences (then under the name of Oracle Business Information) was formed in 1983 to research, market and organise conferences predominantly for the life assurance industry at a time when very little training was available for this market. The company focused on training in taxation, accounting, reporting and compliance, initially for all levels of management.

Recognising the increasing need also for basic training, OBC introduced a series of two day events - some residential - to examine the subjects in greater depth making extensive use of the hands-on approach with computations and worked examples. At the same time the market was widened to cover not only life assurance but also the general insurance and unit trust industries using the same training techniques. Several of these specialised training programmes have each been running for more than 20 years.

In 1994, OBC developed its long-running annual Life Office Taxation one-day conference into a two-day senior level residential National Conference on Life Company Taxation conference and this is now in its 18th year. It has become an important annual event in the life insurance calendar for all of those involved in taxation in the life insurance industry, and this event brings together the combined expertise of leading speakers drawn from the accounting and legal professions, as well as the insurance industry and HMRC, all of whom provide unrivalled coverage of this complex area of taxation.

In tandem with these annual National Tax Conferences, OBC responded to the increasing number of countries joining the European Union by staging a European Insurance Tax Conference annually from October 2000 until October 2006 in various Continental locations namely; Rome, Barcelona, Budapest, Lisbon, Malta, Madrid and Milan.

Since 2006 OBC has extended its activities into organising in-house conferences for life and general insurance companies.